2 medals ain’t bad

Ana Gasser nailed a huge final jump to edge her out for gold, but Jamie Anderson earned the silver in style and led the competition until Gasser’s great final jump. Gold and silver in this Olympics for Anderson.

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Eagle Country

Big adults hunt my beach almost every day this time of year, the stiff winds out of the south hit the bluff behind the condo and create updrafts and the eagles and seagulls both just soar back and forth along the edge of the updraft, looking at the beach and water for snacks.

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That one hurt

Aussie girl missed the landing in halfpipe, pitched face-forward in a fall and landed face-first in ice … broken nose at least, probably concussed. The defending men’s gold medalist is out with a similar fall and major concussion.

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Jamie Anderson

American Jamie Anderson defended her Sochi gold medal in slopestyle snowboarding with a gutsy performance in 2018 in conditions that were truly hairy, as described by the Chicago Tribune.

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Sunny weekend, low tides:

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Congratulations SpaceX

America just about tripled the weight of things we can put in orbit with Falcon Heavy launching Elon Musk’s Tesla toward Mars orbit today. And a little deja vu from 1981 ….

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“I said extra large fries, damn it!”

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Rainy Days

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It’s Not Just Our Corporations


The French dairy group at the centre of a baby milk scandal, Lactalis, has admitted some of its products may have been tainted over more than a decade.

Millions of boxes of powdered milk have been recalled worldwide following a salmonella outbreak last year.

Researchers say that the exact same strain of salmonella was responsible for another outbreak in 2005.

The company said it was possible other babies could have been affected by Lactalis products since then.

BBC News

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